Rhode Island?!

The joke’s on Miss Congeniality because Rhode Island actually won for real! Of course I’m talking about Miss USA not Miss America – totally different.


I watched the Miss USA pageant for a few minutes before realizing it was excruciatingly boring and flipped over to the MTV movies awards, which were a train wreck. I finally settled on a more palatable train wreck and watched RHONJ (side note: it feels a little unhealthy to be reading Andy Cohen’s book, then watch him host Miss USA, and then watch Real Housewives).

All I can say is congrats to Miss RI for winning despite that evening gown she chose, for making the cello hot, and for showing the judges that East Coast girls can get their hair big too. Also, I found it really pervy that Rob Kardahsian and Joe Jonas were judges.

See photos from the pageant HERE


One thought on “Rhode Island?!

  1. Here’s a tidbit for you: Rhode Island & Southeast Mass is a hotbed of pageantry (for real). Susie Castillo, Miss Mass & later Miss USA, is another big winner from our region…and of course Alyssa got her national gown from The Crowning Touch, where all the N.E. and East Coast pageantistas shop.

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