Better than expected

Elizabeth Banks is so in right now. I’d bump bellies with her too.

Confession: I love an ensemble cast. I just enjoy looking at famous people more than regular people. For this reason, I decided to go see “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with my sister this weekend. It’s not like I read the book seeing as I am not nor have I ever been with child. I also needed to go see it before I meet JLo this weekend. We’re going to be at the same hotel in Vegas, so we will naturally hang out, and how embarrassing would it be if I hadn’t seen her latest movie?

Anyway, I expected it to be cute, but I didn’t expect to like it so much that I may actually go see it again with my friends (personal challenge: how many times can I get the word “expect” in here). As should happen during any good movie, I laughed and I cried. Literally. I even forgot that I felt slightly uneasy about the hair-gelled man next to me who came by himself to a movie about pregnant women. Maybe his wife is pregnant and assigned him the book to read, but he just watched the movie instead. The teacher can always tell.

I almost peed my pants when Elizabeth Banks pees her pants and has to borrow a unicorn shirt from the weird fat roommate from “Bridesmaids” before giving a presentation. And I don’t know if it was because of the abundance of hormones raging in the theater from so many women thinking about babies at the same time, but I broke out into a sweat trying to keep myself from sobbing like a loon at one part. I won’t ruin anything by telling you which scene.

So here’s the deal: Elizabeth Banks is on the brink of a mental break down the whole movie and she is having a baby with her dorky husband. In a “Father of the Bride” (Part deux) move, his dad, Dennis Quaid, is also having a baby with his bimbo 20-something-year-old wife (who is actually very likable).

Then there’s Cameron Diaz who is having a baby with the guy from Glee. Jennifer Lopez is adopting with her hot foreign husband after getting approved by their adoption agent, Kim Fields from the “Facts of Life” (bonus cameo!). Wendy McLendon-Covey is also in it (that “Bridesmaids” cast likes to stick together), which I was happy about because she has gone up on my list since her mock Real Housewife tag line on “Watch What Happens Live” was “I make my own jewelry…and I wrote a single about it.” An then there’s the dad’s club that they show on the commercial, which is fun times especially because Chris Rock’s kid falls all the time.

When JLo tells you she wants a baby, you pretend you do too.

Anna Kendrick from Twilight is also in it, and she gets knocked up by one of the guys from “Gossip Girl” because they both run food trucks – random. Side note: she sports the Calvin Klein purse that I just bought myself throughout the movie. I love when this happens because it makes me feel like I have good enough taste to style celebrities. Recently, a dress I own was on “Cougar Town,” my decorative floral wall hook was on “How I Met Your Mother,” and my Pier 1 jewelry boxes have been featured in a few movies and TV shows. This has nothing to do with the movie; I just want everyone to know how stylish I am.

I’ll forgive you for being in “Twilight” if you forgive me for being in ‘Gossip Girl.” Nope because I was also in a movie with George Clooney and you were in “Robot Chicken.”

In conclusion, go see “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” It’s a very funny and sweet movie that makes you feel good about life when you leave the theater – unlike “Friends with Kids,” which almost made me want to end it all (exaggeration of course).

Personal challenge: I never used the word again after announcing my personal challenge….fail. Damn.


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