That German chick

I went on a wildly unsuccessful shopping spree at Forever 21 last night (bought one unnecessary top), but I like shopping there because they play fun music that you don’t hear on the radio.

I was sifting through cheap fabric and jamming out to some song about banging your head when I suddenly recognized the singer’s voice – it was that German chick that won Eurovision a couple years ago. Eurovision is like American Idol for all of Europe except way cheesier. Anyway, I totally forgot I liked the song that this girl sang so I went home and listened to it and now I can’t get it out of my head. Here it is (after 20 seconds of German):


4 thoughts on “That German chick

  1. The Eurovision ist NOT a competition like Americal Idol. Ist a competition of Songwriters. Lenas Song “Satellite” was written by American Songwriter Julie Frost and the Danish Songeriter John Gordon. Judie was in the News sometimes ago becauce she was the co-writer of Madonnas lates Hit “Masterpeace” and got a Golden Globe for Best Original Song
    Look here

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