Prostitute with a plane ticket?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the truth about the world: school was a waste, jobs are a waste, talking and thinking are wastes. All you need to do to be successful is look pretty. You can even travel the world for free – as long as you’re willing to do it along side a pervert. is a site where attractive girls can sign up and create a profile for rich men to look at and decide if they want to take them on luxurious trips. It’s disguised as a travel dating site, but it’s just a 20/20 segment waiting to happen: Girl let’s guy fly her to exotic destination. Girl never comes back because she was an idiot and he’s a creep who shops for women online. This is not a dating site, this is a loophole in the whole “prostitution is bad” law.

Ladies, being hot enough to get men to buy you anything you want and take you anywhere you want is great. But being dead is not.

Also, any site that needs to have this disclaimer: “Note: is strictly an online dating website. Escorts are not welcome,” is not anything I want to dabble in. (Yes, that’s the actual link on the website).


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