Lyrical Genius (Vol. 8)

Before Jay-Z settled down with the love of his life, B, he was burned by a mystery woman and has since written a song detailing the deception. Let’s take some time to hear the story of “Venus vs. Mars.”

They knew they had some differences from the beginning, but it always worked out:

I’m on that red wine, shawty like white,
same sh-t different toilet,
we both getting nice,
me I’m from the apple which means I’m the Mac,
She’s a PC, she lives in my lap…

The Ying to my Yang, I skeet skeet off

And in the chorus, we hear about all the great things they did over the course of their relationship:

Shawty get it in,
Daddy go hard
Shawty get it in,
Daddy go hard….

But then, things start to go a bit awry:

I hits it from the back, Shawty like the front

When I finish breakfast, shawty’s out for lunch,
yeah we both eating its better than brunch

It sounds like Jay is making up excuses for shawty. Eating separately is definitely not better than brunch. In fact, poached eggs on a Sunday afternoon might have helped fix the relationship. But the denial continued until Jay caught Venus:

Thought Shawty was the truth, found out she was a cheater

Found out she was also a liar:

thought shawty like Mike, found out she like Prince

And that she was leaving him for a European:

My dollars was down, she left me for some Euro’s,
Took my whole flavour, I call her coke zero

And also, it turns out shawty was crazy the whole time:

shawty got Britney shaved her whole head up

Shawty get it in

Poor Jay:

Fell for the ponzi scheme, damn shawty just Made-off


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