“Titanic” 3D: worth it

He saw it on a Nickelodeon once. (Probably "Kenan and Kel" or something)

I went to see “Titanic” in 3D last weekend. I wouldn’t usually rave about sitting in a theater for 3 and a half hours, but “Titanic” (or “Titano” and my little sister would call it) is worth it. When the movie came out, like every other girl, I was obsessed with it (and Leo). I got the soundtrack in my Easter basket, watched the double box-set VHS all the time and listened to Miss Celine every single day in my room. After all these years, though, the movie has become somewhat of a joke and “My Heart Will Go On” is an automatic “change the station, puhlease” song. But seeing it in its entirety again reminds you that it really is a good movie.

Look Rose, it's your boobs in 3D.

The 3D part of it is dumb. The glasses hurt my eyes and ears, and it doesn’t really add anything spectacular. The good thing about going is just seeing it on the big screen again and getting immersed in the story. It’s also a lot better to go see it when you’re not 9, seeing it with your mom and trying to strategically plan your bathroom break so that it coincides with the dreaded hand-on-window scene (I failed at that).

Baby Leo <3

Here are some things that stuck out the second time around:

– When Jack gets behind Rose so she can “fly” at the front of the boat, it’s romantic. When Jack does it to his Italian friend, Febreeze or something, it’s very homosexual…and also romantic I guess.

– Leo has absolutely no facial hair.

– The Irish friend, Tommy Ryan, has the same name as my dad.

– The third class party isn’t as wild as it once seemed – just a typical Saturday night.

– Why were people so skeptical of old Rose claiming that she was the girl in the drawing? The vain old biddie travels with dozens of old photos of herself that look exactly like the girl in the drawing.

– I still want Kate Winslet’s sparkly dress.

Love the dress. Love the party.

– The spitting scene is still gross.

– The Titanic explorer’s gold hoop earring and his nasty assistant with curly hair and glasses are the worst part of the movie.

Take that earring OUT!

– I still want to believe that Jack and Rose really did fall so madly in love in two days.

– The music made me cry.


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