Woof city food

I recently talked about the horrendous amount of calories in the food at Cheesecake Factory, but at least they just serve extra-fatty versions of normal food. Recently, it seems that fast food chains are going out of their way to make the grossest, most unhealthy food they can think of.

First, there’s the Doritos taco from Taco Bell – an oversized Dorito filled with questionable meat. I’m not going to lie, this actually did intrigue me and I may or may not have tried one at 2am this weekend. And it may or may not have been pretty good. But I’m not proud of it, and it won’t happen again!

But today I heard about two more similar junk-food hybrids that I definitely have no desire to try ever.

I guess with the whole “Americans are too fat” thing going on, Pizza Hut decided to take its experiments abroad by introducing the “Hot Dog Stuffed Crust” pizza in England. I’m really having a hard time coming up with something I’d like to eat less than that – but a bacon ice cream sundae from Burger King comes close.

I don’t get it. Fast food chains have been going to great lengths to try and convince people that their food isn’t THAT bad for you. Did they give up and decide to go to the opposite extreme? I guess that’s more honest of them; it’s like they’re saying, “if you’re going to order a salad from our restaurant, you might as well be eating bacon on top of ice cream. So why don’t you just go for it.”


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