Things of importance

This week has been pretty dull, but there are still some pressing matters to address:

Cheesecake Factory makes you fat

Ally and I ate at a Cheesecake Factory in New York state last night where they list all the calories on the menu. I literally could not bring myself to order anything. Thank God for the “skinnylicious” menu or I would have had to resort to a satisfying meal of lemon water and the 30-calorie broccoli side dish. Let’s go through some things – appetizer hummus: 900 cals; fish tacos; 1,600 cals; chicken marsala; 2,000 cals; a slice of cheesecake: 700 – 1,600 cals.

Not okay

First of all, are they trying to kill us? Second of all, what are they putting in this food? I ordered chicken tacos off the skinny menu and they were only around 400 calories. How much extra stuff could they possibly be putting in the 1,600-calorie fish tacos? Granted the portions are massive, but they must be injecting the food with fat. I don’t know how anyone could consciously order something that fattening. I oppose putting calories on menus – it takes all the fun out of eating out! I guess I should just stay home and gnaw on some parsley or something.

Give this to someone you hate.

I’m warming up to purple

My nails are notoriously pink, but I’ve been experimenting in purple. I had some time to kill before my calorie extravaganza last night so I went to get my nails done, which I seldom do because it’s pointless since they are already chipping. Anyway, the pushy Asian lady was pressuring me to pick a color so I said “fine” when she suggested the “very popular” lilac color. I thought it made my hands look dead at first, but I really like it now. I also started doing a purple color for the winter last year. I’m still a pink lady at heart though.

"To Buy or Not to Buy" - Essie

Winter color, "Island Hopping" - Essie

Why is Jason Mraz stuck in my head all day?

When I first heard Jason Mraz’s new song, “I Won’t Give Up,” I thought it was kind of cheesy. It’s a little bit country (a little bit rock and roll) and it sounds a lot like Band of Horses, but it has been in my head for the past two weeks now. I’ve even found myself looking it up because I want to listen to it, but i still can’t decide if I like it – the magic of pop music.


3 thoughts on “Things of importance

  1. Totally agree, I feel bad enough about going to KFC but after finding out my beloved Wicked Zinger meal has over a 1000 calories, I wanted to cry! I only go maybe once every two months, I should be allowed to enjoy that time! :-P

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