‘Friends with Kids’ is not funny

I learned two things when I went to see “Friends with Kids” the other night: just because Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are in a movie does not mean it will be funny, and being the only two people in the theater for a 10pm showing is a little creepy.

Having babies makes you happy...

After seeing previews for the movie, I had gotten the sense that it was more of a drama than a comedy so I wasn’t surprised that there were a lot of sad and depressing parts. Also, Megan Fox is in it, which was surprising. I’m pretty sure it’s the first movie of hers I’ve seen in its entirety (I don’t think I made through all of “Transformers”).

I think it would be a good idea to have really awkward sex and make a baby.

I actually don’t have any strong feelings toward this movie at all – I didn’t love it, but I didn’t dislike it either. Here’s my pros and cons list:

Pros: Good acting. Good character development. Story line doesn’t drag on even though it’s long. Cute babies. Good crying moments. Kristen Wiig is surprisingly good as a serious actress. Some funny parts. Grandma from “Gilmore Girls” makes an appearance. Good song at the opening credits.

What is your face, Jen?

Cons: Kind of makes me not want kids. Awkward sex scenes. Jennifer Westfeldt has a weird mouth and her face is way too smooth. The main guy calls her “doll” all the time. Maya Rudolph is a bitch (but she gets better). Odd ending.

In conclusion, Friends with Kids is a good movie about how depressing getting married and having kids is. Also, along the lines of “Friends with Benefits,” it teaches us that having a child with your platonic friend gets complicated. Duh.

Opening credits song:


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