What were you doing when you were 8?

Westport News

I came across an article about the cutest kid ever. He’s 8 years old and he wants to be a chef and a hotelier so he created (with help I’m assuming) a very professional website all about cooking and food. He lists his favorite restaurants, has a recipe submission section and even an instructional video in napkin folding. He reminds me of that ManCans kid.

“With a name like Bernstein, people might assume a young Westport boy might have a musical heritage and would be more comfortable with a conductor’s wand or violin bow in his hand.

Harrison Bernstein, 8, prefers a whisk, spatula and paring knife.

Harrison, who has cooked and baked since he was 4 years old, takes his interest so seriously that he has his own website — www.HarrisonsKitchen.com — where he posts recipes, writes a food blog, offers video how-to napkin-folding lessons, and sells cookbooks and related items through Amazon.com. Proceeds go to Save the Children, an international organization based in Westport.” – Westport News


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