Oh, the Oscars

So the Oscars were pretty boring last night; Angelina wouldn’t put away her stupid leg, I haven’t seen The Artist and what is even Hugo? Usually they have some good performances but the only song they even talked about was some Muppet Baby song with Jason Segal – who cares? The most entertaining part besides reading Andy Cohen’s tweets was Emma Stone’s little skit when she presented with Ben Stiller. Other than that I settled for just looking at the dresses. Here’s my Red Carpet opinion:

Best: Tie – Jennifer Lopez/Cameron Diaz

These were the only 2 dresses I saw on the red carpet that I really loved, and then they presented together and it was just a big mess of pretty. I might have given the whole thing to JLo had her nipple not been showing (oops). I also really liked Gwyneth Paltrow’s white dress with the cape even though some people are saying it was bizarre.

Worst: Anna Faris

I feel like it’s a stretch for her to even be invited to the Oscars, so she could have at least worn a decent dress. She looks like a dominatrix with that hair and that sequined suit of armor.

If you’re going to go with that look, do it like Rose Byrne.

(Worst dressed honorable mention: Sandra Bullock)

Red Carpet Slideshow


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