Valentine’s Day soundtrack

Everyone is obviously painfully aware of their own romantic status every single day of the year – whether you are single or not. But on Valentine’s Day, the whole world is painfully aware of whether you are single or not based off whether or not you are waiting in line at Walgreen’s with a teddy bear and a box of chocolates or with a single-serving size bag of chips. (Side note: When did Walgreen’s become the place to buy your girlfriend a gift?)

Whatever kind of Valentine’s Day you’re having, here’s a song for you.

If you’re trying to steal someone else’s man (in honor of Whitney, of course):

If you’re obsessed with a total d-bag:

If you’re trying to make someone fall in love with you (OG Bob Dylan):

If you’re totally happy, getting married and this is your favorite holiday (OG Stevie Wonder):

If you’re really sad about a girl:

If you’re just trying to get slutty:


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