Some thoughts on the Adele show, 2012

– But You’re Like Really Pretty –

So the Grammy’s were last night and the Academy should have probably just created one huge Grammy in the shapely shape of Adele and given her the award for “only CD we listened to all year.” I mean I’m pretty sure they gave her “best rap song” and “best regional Mexican or Tejano Album.”

I’m not going to hate on Adele because she obviously has an amazing voice and her performance was a classy break from Katy Perry’s flame throwers. It’s just that “Rolling in the Deep” came out like a year ago and anyone who has ears or a radio probably wants to destroy one of those two things whenever that song comes on. Yes, I listened to it on repeat when it first came out – “OMG Adele totally gets me!” – but I’ve moved on since. Anyway, I still love Adele and I didn’t even mind having to hear a new “fank you” speech from her every 2 minutes. My latest favorite song of hers is “Right as Rain” from her old album.

Now that I got Adele out of the way I will talk about the greatest atrocity of the night – the exorcism of Roman. What was that?

– Sorry, Gaga. You might as well have worn khakis and a polo shirt –

If Nicki Minaj’s goal was to out-bizarre Lady Gaga, I think she did it – and she did it in exceptionally poor taste. The whole performance was just a huge theatrical disaster. I think Nicki Minaj is awesome and she has such a unique style of rapping and singing that she just does not need to create a sacrilegious monstrosity to get noticed.

– Forgive me father for I am a dungeon dragon –

– Sexual Ri Ri –

I did, however, like Rihanna’s performance of “We found Love.” I thought the dance moves were kind of cool and she looked cute in her little crop top. She also looked super gorg. in her red carpet dress. She wasn’t sounding her best, though when she sang “Princess of China” with Chris Martin. And he also seemed to be struggling during his entire performance, and I could have done without the thrusting motions towards the piano.

The Whitney Houston tribute was nice especially since they obviously had to put it together at the last minute. Jennifer Hudson gave me chills, but nobody can do it like Whit could.

Lastly, the whole dance music extravaganza was a big disappointment. I was really excited for it and I thought it was a great idea seeing as music has gone so Euro in the past couple years, but it kind of made me feel like I was watching the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Then the Foo Fighters came on, which made no sense at all. Deadmau5 kind of fixed it, but only kind of.

Last thoughts: Is it weird that I thought that Beach Boy was an attractive grandpa, and did Taylor Swift’s teeth grow?

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