So Valentine’s Day is coming up…

Yes, I’m single and yes, I’m aware that Valentine’s Day is next week. But I refuse to be bitter about it; I had a Valentine date for many years in a row, so it’s my turn now to face a few alone. Luckily, I never put too much importance on the day so it’s not a big deal to me. I never wanted diamonds or grand gestures on Valentine’s Day, just something fun and simple. So, since I will not be receiving a Valentine’s gift this year (except for the annual box of chocolates from my mom), I will offer some ideas for things I would have wanted and maybe help someone out who has no idea what to get.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s on DVD. This is one of my favorite movies and I only have it on VHS. I asked for the DVD for many years in a row and never got it! Maybe I’ll get myself a Valentine’s gift this year.

2. This backpack from Target (it’s a lot more hot pink and awesome in person). I already have it because I bought it for myself – I buy myself a lot more presents since not having a boyfriend.

- Target -

3. Vera Bradley mug. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but I won’t bring myself to spend money on it. My favorite mug that I have right now was a Valentine’s Day present – I guess I have a thing for mugs.

- Vera Bradley -

4. Flower wall hook. There are a lot of wall hooks at Pier 1 that I would love to have. I like the bird one too, but most girls might think that’s weird so I went with the flower.

- Pier 1 -

5. Silver jewelry bowls/plates. I have a little silver plate that I love because I toss my rings and bobby pins etc. on it. There’s no need really, to buy a $25 one at pottery barn but I like their idea of getting it monogrammed.

- Pottery Barn -

I realize that these ideas are a little out of the ordinary – I didn’t list chocolates or flowers or jewelry on here – but if your girlfriend is half as awesome as I am, she’ll probably like one of these things.

*6. If you’re trying to go for something really outside the box, this hot pink bird is pretty sweet.


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