I didn’t eat meat and it was easy etc.

- I'm going to make an outfit out of all the meat I didn't eat this week -

This week was vegetarian week and it’s barely even worth mentioning because I really didn’t alter my diet at all. I don’t eat a lot of meat to being with and I allowed myself fish, so really I would have to do this for an extended period of time before I actually started craving a burger.

On Monday night I went to a Lebanese restaurant and ordered a pasta dish with shrimp and basically a week’s worth of vegetables, and the leftovers gave me lunch for the next two days. For dinner I had things like spinach lasagna and fish and vegetables.

So seeing as there’s not much else to say, I will talk about my calorie counting hobby instead. I have never believed in calorie counting as a diet method because it’s not the healthiest way to eat. You can stay under your calorie goal but be eating crap or maybe you just eat one big meal and starve yourself the rest of the day. I’ve always believed that the only good diet is just eating natural, healthy food and cutting out junk food (I’m not saying I do that; I’m just saying you should). So why am I countinig calories then? Because it’s fun.

Maybe I am a control freak as someone pointed out last week, but it’s become my new favorite hobby. I’m not letting it run my life, but it is forcing me to eat a little healthier. It makes you realize how many empty calories you eat without noticing. The second I eat a donut or have 2 glasses of wine, I might as well eat peas for the rest of the day (but I don’t because I hate peas). I find myself planning my days out – if I know I’m going to eat an awesome unicake after dinner, I eat super healthy for breakfast and lunch.

- The unicake -

And on the weekends when I know I’ll be drinking a third of my calorie allowance in vodka-soda-crans, I just give up because I know I won’t be staying under my limit – especially when I try to be good and buy a lean cuisine panini as a drunk snack and it’s still over 300 calories. Lean my ass.

- Why does this photo exist? -



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