Five gluten-free days

-A gluten-free order from Wendy’s –

Gluten-free allergies are really in these days for whatever reason so I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. Last weekend, I spent a lot of time with my favorite “glutard” (credit: Erin) and I became really intrigued by her new food lifestyle. I recognized the challenge and accepted it, starting my newest hobby – extreme diet change (working on the name).

Anyway, I went gluten-free Monday-Friday this week and it actually wasn’t that extreme at all. Five days probably isn’t enough but I don’t feel any different at all and it really wasn’t that hard to resist bread. I am kind of sick of corn products, though. Don’t get me wrong, I would be extremely sad to give up sandwiches and cake but there is a lot out gluten-free stuff out there. I mostly tried to stick to foods that just naturally have no gluten but I did try a few specialty foods out of curiosity.

I made a tray of this corn bread on Monday and ate it throughout the week instead of bread. It’s a little more dry than regular corn bread, but I ate it with honey and it was good. I went for corn bread because I figured it would be less weird tasting since wheat flour isn’t the main ingredient anyway.

These wafer cookies were good too. They are made with rice and potato flour and they taste basically the same as the regular kind. But I was really pissed when I finished the package because I didn’t realize this tiny snack was like 260 calories, which killed my calorie count (other hobby) for the day. I thought everything in the weird healthy food section of the grocery store would be fair game – guess not.

The last gluten-free product I tried was spaghetti. It’s made with corn and rice flour and it tastes fine. It was a little chewier than regular pasta and it’s more yellow. I just ate it with olive oil and sauteed onions and I couldn’t really taste the difference.

Some other snack foods I ate all week:

Veggie chips, nuts, oatmeal, rice cakes, yogurt, granola, Corn Flakes

In conclusion, I will not be adopting this lifestyle not only because I don’t have to but because I think if you are trying to be healthy and/or lose weight and you don’t have a gluten allergy, there is no reason to substitute whole wheat with potatoes.

Next week is vegetarian week.


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