Can I skip Christmas?

Call me a Deb if you want, but I’m just not ready for Christmas this year (I live in denial of the passing of time). I haven’t bought a single Christmas present nor do I really want to, and I don’t really want anything from anyone else (except maybe flat black boots). So I proposed a solution to my family: let’s go away to somewhere really random for Christmas and just skip the whole present thing. They were all in agreement until we realized that apparently other people have this idea too, which means flights are ridic. So since I can’t go to any of my chosen destinations, I decided to pretend:

Choice #1: Savannah to hang out at Paula Deen's restaurant and eat butter. She IS a lady.

Choice #2: Charleston to gaze at palm trees and pretend that I'm in The Notebook and Ry Guy will see me through the window of a restaurant.

Choice #3: Santa Fe to wear ponchos and buy turquoise jewelry.

Choice #4: New Orleans to hang out with the Cajuns and eat Zatarans.

Choice #none: Instead I have to settle for a snowy misery in the tri-state area.

At least Alyssa and I can still keep the dream of NYE in MIA alive.

Hey, Armando. Long time no see ;)


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