Sometimes I get a good feeling

Now that I’ve seen the video for the best Avicii song ever, I’m even more mad that he never made it to my town for his concert. At the time, I was like “eh, I could use those 50 bucks back,” but now I’m mad because I know I would have met him and judging from this video, he’s a funny little Swede.

But let’s look at the evolution of this song. One of the reasons I think I like it so much is because Etta James holds a special place in my childhood. I spent my younger days listening to Etta James’ “At Last.” I had a very refined ear before I was introduced to the wonder that is the Spice Girls.

Then apparently Xtina took a stab at it.

After Avicii grabbed it for “Levels,” came the more radio-friendly Flo Rida version.

And I also think “Where them girls at” uses the same beat, but that’s may be a “what came first, the Guetta or the Avicii?” kind of question.


One thought on “Sometimes I get a good feeling

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