Telling Target to suck it

- Thanksgiving in Nebraska? -

Some Target employee in Omaha got really pissed off this year when he got his schedule and saw that he had the overnight shift on Thanksgiving night. Not only did he think that was unfair because it’s a holiday and because it’s the anniversary of his proposal to his girlfriend, but he brought up a good point – Black Friday is dumb.

In an effort to kick start the most heinous shopping day of the year, Target, along with a ton of other stores, has decided to open on Thursday night. This guy got so angry that he started a petition on called “Tell Target to save Thanksgiving,” and it already has 152,828 supporters.

Personally, working on Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the worst thing for me because Thanksgiving is really lame and it will def. not include any marriage proposals for me this year. But regardless, I give this guy props for starting a movement. In some career paths (such as mine), irregular hours are just part of the deal – the news never sleeps after all. But if you are a part-time Target employee in Omaha Nebraska, I think it’s reasonable to complain about working an overnight shift on a holiday. Seriously, no one needs a discounted Swiffer duster SO badly that they can’t wait until morning.

- Except all these guys, I guess -

The bigger issue here, though, is how crazy people are. In general, people work too much – we are too stressed, and 24 hours a day has become way too short. I find myself going at high-speed everyday just to save as many minutes of the day as I can until I drop dead in my bed at night. And I don’t even have a family to take care of. I don’t have a solution for this – I know that’s just how the world turns – but we’re talking about a chain store here, which brings me to my next point: Black Friday.

Black Friday is the epitome of how crazy people are. First off, stores are working their employees to death and staying open all night to beat the competition. But it’s not their fault that they need to stay afloat; it’s the shoppers’ faults. Nobody in their right mind needs to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to wait in line for a flat screen TV no matter how cheap it is. Maybe we should all be like this guy and boycott the gimmicks – if you can sell a laptop at 90% off at 5 a.m. you should be able to sell it at 90% off at 10 a.m. too.

I hope Target listens to good old Anthony Hardwick and decides to forgo the whole Black Friday thing all together (like I do). Make bold moves, Target. Do it.

All the poor guy wants is to celebrate like they did in the Wonder Years, and wife up his lady.

- Oh Em Geee, I LOVE pans! -


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