Guilty Pleasures

- Like this guy, I also like donuts. But that's not so much of a secret -

I recently discovered two things that I secretly like. They are both songs and I am slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t stop listening to them all weekend – but clearly not that embarrassed since I am posting them for all to see.

The first is “Love you Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez. I never gave this song a chance because Disney stars are annoying, and because it’s about Justin Bieber, which is weird (especially since he may be a teen dad). But, luckily for Selena, her song came on the radio while I was making a difficult left-hand turn, so I didn’t change the station. And I’m glad. After watching the video, I have new respect for Selena – not only is the song fun, but she wears all kinds of weird outfits in her video, which is exactly what I would do if I were starring in a music video. My only criticism is that the piñata scene that starts around 2:35 into the video is a rip-off of Rihanna’s “Only Girl” video. However, I love the “Only Girl” video and want to live in that pink desert/field and wear diamonds like Rihanna, so again, I would probably do the same in my music video.

Speaking of Rihanna…this brings me to my second guilty pleasure of the weekend – Rihanna’s new song “You da One.” I am ashamed that I like it because it has the word “da” in the title and because it’s kind of an annoying song. I find myself playing it and getting really irritated by her screaming “you da one” in my face. Yet I always listen to it again – the the genius of top 40 music I guess.

Ongoing guilty pleasure: Sheryl Crow radio in Pandora. I love me some sassy 90s ladies.


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