I’m too busy for you!

I’ve been neglecting my loyal followers due to the fact that I got a promotion/actual job. Last week, I experienced what it’s like to actually have work to do every minute of an 8-hour work day and Mid-day Marg got left in the dust. However, since I am a master multi-tasker, I will not let that happen again. Also, I promise not to let this become a site solely for Lidia’s weekend re-caps because I realize no one cares. So with that in mind, let me tell you what I did this weekend!

I took advantage of non-blizzard weather and free Rangers tickets and finally went to the city after months of neglect on my part (sorry, NYC). So, since I’m an authority on life, here are some lessons I learned on my trip:

1. If you want to be fancy and cool, go to The Jane. At first I was hesitant when my lady wanted to go all the way from the upper east side, down to the lower west side and then back up to Madison Square Garden just to have a $14 drink at some bar she saw on “How to Make it In America.” But it was worth it. Besides the small embarrassment of trying to walk into the coat closet while looking for the bar (“um guys, that’s a closet”), we totally fit into the exclusive Jane environment.

- Hey, Jane -

Cool things about The Jane:

  • Eclectic India-themed decorations from the early 1900s mixed with a disco ball and a DJ table.
  • Titanic survivors stayed there.
  • Chuck Bass look-a-likes go there.
  • Babies go there.
  • You get kicked out at 6:30 for all the fancy people and their private events.
  • The drinks have names like “Punjab” and “Raja” and you will be gone after one.

2. NHL games are so classy that you can get a straw with your beer.

- From the "Punjab" to the "Bud Light" -

3. French Canadians are crazy and they smell bad. They are also have better sportsmanship than Americans.

- Hey, marathon -

4. If you love rap and being the only white person in the room, go to “Happy Ending” on the lower east side. Once you get past the sketchy Chinese sign in the front that says “Health Club,” you’ll be able to enjoy your fair share of DMX. Just don’t request “Cat Daddy.”

5. Running a marathon does not look fun.

* Celeb sighting: Margot Robbie from Pan Am was at the Rangers game. I only really saw her on the screen, but I totally could have hung out with her if I wanted to….


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