Help me solve a mystery!

So, I have a feeling that this post is going to get a lot of hits for one reason: Stouffer’s mac and cheese.

I look at my blog stats everyday and everyday for the past few months I have noticed a trend: “How to have a great LADIES day” is consistently the number 2 most-viewed post after the homepage, and the search term “Stouffer’s mac and cheese” directs at least 2 people to Mid-day Marg. everyday. People are searching for photos of mac and cheese and getting to “how to have a great LADIES day” because it includes a picture of it.

My question is WHY? Those of you who are doing this, please explain to me why this is such a hot topic? And Stouffer’s, if you’re reading this, can I get some sort endorsement deal? I’m really helping you guys out here.

Since I’m a giver, here’s a little treat for you weirdos. I hope this satisfies you:


One thought on “Help me solve a mystery!

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