Jersey Reunion AKA Everyone Hates Teresa

- There can only be one Punta princess -

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion was intense last night. Apparently Teresa had just had a huge blow out with Caroline and Jacqueline the night before, which caused Jacqueline to quit the show, Caroline to hate Teresa, and the reunion show to make no sense because they can’t give anything away since they’re filming season 4 right now.

So basically Teresa is the new villain – never thought I’d see the day. Sure she’s married to an idiot, flips tables, dresses her daughters in atrocious leopard and tulle ensembles, and has gotten us to wonder if she actually knows how to read, but all of these things have been what make her so lovable.

Now, it’s changed. A bad mix of “ingredientses” like TV cameras, bankruptcy, hairspray, Melissa Gorga and jokes about her small forehead have resulted in a monster-Teresa. It’s sad to see the OG Jersey girl go from slightly irrational air-head to lunatic cookbook author. RIP the Teresa I knew and loved, I hope you come back to us again.

The best part of the reunion, though, was Watch What Happens Live with special guest Jay Mohr – most famous for his role in the 1998 hit movie Paulie (quality flick, just saying). Jay, a Jersey native himself, apparently has been blogging about the Jersey housewives all season meaning that he is either A) gay or B) desperately trying to become known for something other than Paulie. Anyway, I’ve decided that I like Jay Mohr because he cares way too much about the housewives (for whatever reason), does a great Christopher Walken impression, hangs with Andy and, best of all, shares an appreciation for the Barefoot Contessa:


One thought on “Jersey Reunion AKA Everyone Hates Teresa

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I hate the new Theresa! I have been going through some of your posts and really enjoy them! Finally someone I can share my frustration with about the shows I love to hate!

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