The Real Barney Stinson?

I was watching “How I met Your Mother” the other day and I didn’t think twice about Barney’s latest scam in the episode “The Stinson Missile Crisis.” In this episode, Barney has to do damage control by canceling all of his ongoing scams so Nora doesn’t dump him. One of these scams is an infomercial and flier in which he offers free breast reduction consultations to women. I always assumed Barney’s scams came from the writers’ weird imaginations, but maybe not. It seems that the Barney Stinson character is not so far-fetched.

This morning I woke up to this story:

“An 81-year-old Florida man, who police say posed as a door-to-door physician and duped at least two women into having their breasts examined, has struck a plea deal with prosecutors.” HuffPost

He got two women in one apartment complex to let him in, and he proceeded to “examine” their breasts and other areas. So, it’s definitely not funny that he sexually assaulted and molested two women. But is it bad that I still laughed when I read this – I mean, did the HIMYM writers know about this guy when they wrote the episode?

- VOM -

Also, just saying, if this random old dude knocked on my door and asked if he could feel me up, I’m pretty sure I would decline.

Watch the episode HERE


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