That’s so ‘early millennium chic’

I know I talk about a lot, but  they have become a pop-culture phenomenon – so much so that I am adopting their lingo. And lately I can’t stop seeing things that they would ingeniously refer to as “early millennium chic” – the first example being the girl at the bar last night wearing a jean skirt and backless sandal heels. Woof.

Anyway, according to AOL’s Stylelist, crop tops are all the rage again. Looks like all the top designers are feeling a little nostalgic – longing for the days when it was acceptable for white girls to wear corn rows. I wasn’t lucky enough to attend any fashion week shows, but I’m envisioning models strutting down the runway to an Aaliyah tune (RIP).

We all know fashion always recycles – this is nothing new. But I’m excited because this is the first time I am reliving an era in fashion. I guess this means I’m getting old. Gross.

- Gwyneth got excited about this at the Emmys -

So to honor the return of the early millennium chic trend, I would like to explore some of the other late ’90s-early 2000s fashion that I would hate/secretly love to be able to rock again.

Platform Flip-Flops: Who doesn’t love a Frankenstein shoe? I’m sad to say I worked the platform flip-flop all the way to probably 2006. I’m even more sad to say that I still see them around and sometimes my mom still buys them for me. Where do you even find these, mom? Kohl’s for sure.

Glitter Nail Polish: Not only did my nails look like disco balls all throughout middle school, but they were also always varying shades of some unnatural color like blue or green or worse – yellow. Sometimes I added decorative touches like flowers painted on with a toothpick. I know that some crazy colors are back in, but here’s the rule I go by: if the color of your nail polish resembles that of a fungal infection, steer clear.

- I know, girl. I still have my roll on glitter too. That stuff never runs out. -

Roll-On Glitter: Since putting glitter on your nails clearly doesn’t provide enough sparkle, the most stylish of us knew that you had to roll it all over your face and body too. At the height of the Bath and Body Works obsession (circa ’98-’99) the company hit the jack pot with roll-on body glitter. I have to admit I’m guilty of showing up to my 5th grade Catholic school classroom looking like I just did the walk of shame from a rave.

- Trendy gerbil? -

Butterfly Clips: It’s hard to let go of things you once loved no matter how hideous they are. Just ask my friend (I won’t mention names) who wore her hair in butterfly-clip-esque corn rows in her senior portrait. Unless you’re Mariah Carey, you’ve got to let it go. Let the butterfly trend spread its wings and fly.

- Wow, Tyra. So pretty -

Crimped Hair: If you’re looking for that fried, damaged look for your hair but constant blow drying and straightening are just too slow, get a crimper. It’s the easiest way to look like you just got electrocuted. Just make sure you leave two straight strands in the front – hot.


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