Pan Am: Hey Ricci, long time no see

I didn’t watch ABC’s new show “Pan Am” on Sunday, but I was kind of intrigued so I watched it online last night, and to my surprise Christina Ricci is in it. I’ve had a soft spot for little Ricci since she kissed Devon Sawa in Casper and Now and Then (two childhood faves), but she’s been MIA lately so I’m glad to see her back.

Another familiar face: that guy who played Dean in “Grounded for Life.” His name is Dean in “Pan Am” too but his real name is Mike – maybe he responds better to Dean. Like when you try to change a dog’s name and it doesn’t work (sorry that was mean).

Anyway I’m liking the show so far. It takes place in the sixties when being a stewardess was the most fabulous thing you could do and it has mystery and dangerous government Cold War stuff going on. The one thing that bothered me though, was actually Christina Ricci. Her character doesn’t make sense yet. She shows up on the scene smoking a cigarette in a Greenwich Village apartment wearing an Audrey Hepburn/beatnik outfit and long hair. Then all the sudden she gets in a cab and has short hair when she gets out (?) and she’s peppy and sweet. At first I thought she was putting on a stewardess act, but she’s like that for the rest of the episode. Hopefully they’ll explain her later on.

“Greenwich resident talks about what life as a Pan Am stewardess was really like” – Greenwich Citizen

Something else that caught my attention: celebrity look-a-likes. Check this out:

- Kelli Garner from Pan Am and AnnaLynne McCord -

- Annabelle Wallis from "Pan Am" and Dianna Agron -


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