I saw red before you did

Last summer I went to the frying Pan in NYC and I saw a blond in a red dress and thought she looked great. I had never really given red a try but the girl kind of looked like me so I thought, “I can look that hot too.” That’s when my desire for a red dress began. The hunt intensified this summer when I became absolutely determined. Then in July I saw a single red tube dress hanging up in Forever 21. I didn’t really have anywhere to wear it to, but I bought it because I had finally found a red dress – and it was only $17! Luckily it turned out to be perfect for the Pitbull concert I went to in August – and probably the reason I met him (Just kidding…kind of).

Anyway, ever since then red is everywhere! Red dresses, shirts, pants – you can’t walk into a store without seeing red. And it all culminated in a big red wad of evening gowns at last night’s Emmy Awards where 75% of the women matched the carpet. So am I a psychic trend setter? Pretty much.

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