Ryan Gosling is everywhere right now

Lately there’s this guy that’s just been following me around. His name’s Ryan Gosling and I would like to have a love affair with him.

As further proof that New York is the best city in the country, as soon as Ry Ry moved there he exploded. Sure girls have loved him since the Notebook (or since “Young Hercules” if you’re truly fated to be with him like I am), but in the past month or so he has really made a comeback.

My personal fascination with Ryan began last month when my cousin told me that they go to the same gym in the city and that she has seen him and touched his medicine ball. Now, if it were me and I had touched his medicine ball, I would see that as grounds for it not being creepy to ask him out on a date. But whatever, she didn’t so I’m working on getting her to set me up. Then he became a YouTube star for breaking up a fight in the middle of the street and my aforementioned cousin’s friend saw it in person! So now I’m thinking it just has to be destiny – I have so many indirect personal connections to him! And THEN I stumbled into a 7-11 after a long night on the town in Hyannis, Cape Cod and who do I find looking at me? Not one, but two Ryan Goslings on the cover of Esquire. Oh, and also his first name is the same as my last name – crazy right?

It’s going to happen, people. I’ve been in a magical phase lately where whenever I want to meet a celebrity, I do. So get ready to meet the woman of your dreams, RyGuy cause I’m coming for you!

It’s just too bad I really have no desire to see any of his upcoming movies. I have been meaning to see Crazy, Stupid, Love though.


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