Hollywood is preggers

- But You're Like Really Pretty -

The big news this Sunday at the VMAs (which I couldn’t watch because of Irene and couldn’t attend because of Pitbull’s entourage’s empty promises) was that Beyonce is pregnant! Holy superstar baby on the way!

She’s not the only one though. Jennifer Garner is pregnant again, but no one really cares about that. What I find slightly disturbing is that Disney channel stars are going to be popping them out all over the place. Hilary Duff is having a little Lizzy McGuire, which makes me uneasy because she’s my age and she’s married and having babes. Hilary Duff is so ahead of me in life…

- E! -

Brenda Song, from the Disney show The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, is also pregnant – with Miley Cyrus’ brother. First of all, I will be surprised if this baby doesn’t come out with Mickey Mouse ears. Second of all, Miley Cyrus’ brother looks nasty -what is this cute little Asian thinking. Third of all, Miley is going to be the worst/best aunt ever. I suggest miss Song limits Miley’s babysitting gigs unless she wants baby Cyrus to be a pole-dancing chain smoker by the time the kid’s 16.

Speaking of 16-year-olds, my little sister grew up watching that Zach and Cody show, but I guess it doesn’t hold that much of a special place in her heart. Her reaction to Brenda getting knocked up: “Good, maybe they’ll finally cancel that show now that their ‘high school students’ are getting pregnant.”


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