Irene weekend – not so good.

– House in Fairfield, CT after Irene (CTPost) –

Luckily, Irene didn’t turn out to be as bad as expected over by me. Towns along the Connecticut coast (like that poor house in Fairfield) got it the worst, but Manhattan is not under water, and I still have a roof – no power since yesterday morning, but the roof’s still there. However, I still had a pretty lame weekend.

It all started with rolling my ankle in a ditch Friday night and landing on what was apparently a razor sharp grate. I love ending my Friday nights in the emergency room. At least I experienced something new – stitches. Hate ’em.

– TGIF –

Anyway, I guess it wasn’t the worst weekend to be an invalid seeing as the whole world stayed in Saturday night waiting for the rage and destruction of Irene. It ended up just being an awful, rainy, boring Saturday. Due to my injury, though, I did get out of hurricane preparation. I also watched a movie I hadn’t seen: Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Don’t watch it. I don’t particularly like Drew Barrymore ever, but I’ve never hated her more than in her role of a pathetic 31-year-old newspaper intern who lives with her sister and has cake fights with her boyfriend in the kitchen. That’s not cute – grow up.

Then I woke up the next morning completely disconnected from the world with no power or cell phone service. Luckily we have a faulty generator at the house so we were able to shower and watch news reporters struggle to milk every last drop out of Irene. “‘I’m here reporting live from Coney Island – Sir, why are you out here today?’ ‘Because I wanted to get out of my bedroom.'” Riveting coverage. Then they went on to movie recommendations: “Well I think Beauty and the Beast is best for a rainy day.”

No Taco Bell for you…

Candlewood Lake looking pretty on Sunday

I still have no power at my house, but thank God there’s power at the office, wouldn’t ever want to have to miss work…


2 thoughts on “Irene weekend – not so good.

  1. Ahh, sorry about your stitches! At least your toenails look cute. The few unfortunate times I’ve landed in the ER I’ve either desperately needed to redo my toes or desperately needed to shave my legs.

    Regardless, congrats on still having a roof!

    Queen B.

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