Go away, Irene!

The betches named Hurricane Irene “betch of the week.” Well I disagree – she’s not a betch, she’s just a raging bitch coming to ruin my Saturday night and flood my basement.

New England’s one redeeming quality besides fall foliage (which really isn’t all that exciting) is that we don’t have to deal with natural disasters. Now we have an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week? California and Puerto Rico can laugh at us all they want – yes maybe we caused a frenzy over a little shaking and now we’re panicking over hurricane residue heading our way, but how would you feel about a freak blizzard?

Well I’m just hoping that all the people who flocked to Walmart for emergency supplies are just idiots, and all we get is a little rain. Because I have never heard of being “rained in,” but it doesn’t sound like a great way to spend my weekend. I  just had the worst January in the history of my social life thanks to massive snow storms caused by the impending apocalypse, I don’t need a snow/rain day in August.

- Bottled water shelf at a local grocery store. OMG it's Y2K all over again (courtesy of a FB friend) -

So here’s my plea to Irene: I know how you feel. Sometimes you just get pissed off and want to wreak havoc, but as a fellow lady I hope you can understand that that you are ruining Sunday – the last weekend day of August! Summer is coming to a close and I have very limited tanning days, so please don’t take one away! Let temps in the upper 80s and sunshine be my reason for wearing a bikini this weekend, and not because you turned the place into a massive puddle of dirty water. K, thanks.

And all these “Come on Irene” tweets are getting old. Cute at first, but it’s not that great of a pun.

Hurricane Irene is an awful woman – ABC News

Hurricane Irene messes with my state – CT Post


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