I’m so ahead of the trends

As you all should know, I had an awesome Dallas adventure back in May and fell in lust with the city. Well, they may have been a little slower on the uptake than I was, but Bravo has discovered Dallas. “Most Eligible Dallas” premiered last night and I had to watch it just so I could say “Omg I’ve been there!”

- "We're just friends, but you sould probably not talk to any other girls. Ever." (Bravo) -

It’s basically the same as any other reality show, and it doesn’t really have much to do with the actual city. The show follows around a group of six single Dallas socialites and whatever you call male socialites. As with any successful reality show, you find yourself wondering why you care at all about these people, yet you can’t stop watching because you just HAFTA know why Courtney is crying in the bathroom of the sushi restaurant.

Speaking of, Courtney Kerr seems to be the main “character” just judging by the first episode. The show will follow her obvious crush on her best friend Matt Nordgren. They are “just friends” and OMG they would never go there, yet she throws a hissy fit anytime he’s with another girl. Hello plot line.

Besides Courtney and Matt, there’s Glenn Pakulak who is really dumb and superficial, but likable because he’s just so simple. Drew Ginsburg is gay and he loves cars and used to be really fat. Now he injects himself with a female hormone produced during pregnancy in order to help keep his weight off, a fact that I think needed waaay more explanation on the show. You can’t just throw that out there and pretend it’s not weird.

Then there are the two blondes, who look weirdly similar when you watch the show. Tara Harper loves big hair, being engaged and, above all, dogs. Neill Skylar is a 23-year-old single mom and the bane of Courtney’s existence because she has a child and went out on a Wednesday night – it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s Matt’s new bff.

- Zimbio.com -

Anyway, the show is really not that great, but what else is on Monday night?

Unfortunately¬† I will not be heading back to Dallas next month as planned, but maybe it’s for the best. That city is getting sooo mainstream.

In other Bravo news, Beverly Hills Housewife, Taylor Armstrog’s estranged husband committed suicide. In the wise words of my biffle: “Bravo ruins lives.” (I still love you, Andy).


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