Oh Gaga…

Lady Gaga tweeted a photo of the cover for her new single “You and I,” and it’s interesting…

I guess I give her props for taking a new route – the man route. At least it’s not another crazy half-naked, spikes-in-the-face look.

The masculine look is nothing new; Madonna (Gaga’s muse whether she admits it or not) did the whole short hair, suit-and-tie-thing a long time ago. But Gaga takes it to a new level by dressing up as her alter ego “Jo Calderone.” I mean, they did a good job – she really does look like a straight-up dude, and not even a good-looking one. But does Lady Gaga really need an alter ego to spice things up?

I do kind of like the song “You and I,” though. It has an Elton John feel, similar to “Speechless,” which I also like. The girl just loves Elton John and Madonna.

Check out the absolutely bizarre video:

Live piano performance of “Speechless” HERE

(I understand that she’s inspired by Elton, but does she really have to sing like him?)


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