How to have a great LADIES day

I had such a great weekend with my Boston ladies followed by a hilarious Monday wine-night with my home ladies. So, I was thinking about what an epic LADIES day it would be if all of my recent lady activities were combined into one super-sized day.

Here’s how it would go:

  • Spend all day frying at the beach.

  • Go home and watch Hot Tub Time Machine (totally underrated movie) while swigging pinot grigio and eating oreo ice-cream-sandwiches.
  • Follow that hilarious movie with something equally hilarious (more so due to the pinot) such as an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life – I recommend the one where he goes to Paris. Side note: why did 90s cartoons consist of so much screaming?
  • Put on your hot-girl disguises and make your way through rough cobble-stone-terrain in heels to get your dance on and give randos your number.

- Mischa Barton follows this formula -

  • Top off your night by walking to 7-11 at 2 am to microwave some frozen Stouffer’s mac and cheese and eat it outside on the curb. Offer some to the group of Irishman that inevitably finds you because that’s what happens in Boston.

One thought on “How to have a great LADIES day

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