Accidental Participation

After reading The Help, I got the urge to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird because the book is mentioned a few times in The Help and because of my aforementioned affinity for all things southern and black. So I went out the other day and bought it (I was disappointed that they didn’t carry the classic purple cover anymore).

Anyway, it turns out that by buying this book I have accidentally become part of the latest fad. Thanks to the Beckhams, To Kill a Mockingbird is in style. They recently told the press that they named their new daughter Harper after Harper Lee, author of Victoria’s “favorite book.” “Then Amazon saw a 123% jump in the number of books sold.” – The Inquisitor

What a dumb coincidence! I would be mortified if anyone thought I would actually let Posh and Becks’ baby-naming tactics affect any of my daily decisions.


One thought on “Accidental Participation

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