Bye, Amy…

I came home from vacation on Saturday to the sad news that Amy Winehouse had died. We all saw it coming – the girl was a hot mess – but still, it’s always shocking when someone famous dies. I’m not a huge Amy Winehouse fan, but I do like some of her songs and I think she was one of the pioneers of the loungy, retro revival style of music that’s become popular with people like Michael Buble, Adele and Duffy.

Anyway, it’s just sad to see first-hand how serious drug addiction is. She had everything going for her, but she couldn’t shake her need to get high. It’s ironic, though, that it was that drug addiction (in part) that made her so successful in the first place with “Rehab.” It takes talent to make a hit song about your refusal to stop using heroin.

My faves:


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