Yes, I watched Platinum Hit

Bravo has a new show called Platinum Hit and since my TV is pretty much stuck on Bravo, I watched it the past two weeks. I wasn’t very optimistic about it at first, but I actually really like it. I can’t be the only one that is sick of singing competition after singing competition, so it’s a nice change to watch a song writing competition. Also, I love Jewel even though she is an atrocious TV host.

The contestants on this show are not judged for how well they sing (luckily because a lot of them can’t), they are judged for how well they can write songs and how much “hit potential” their songs have.

Quick summary: Every week each person has to write a hook about a specific theme. Jewel and a guest judge pick the three best hooks and then create three teams to turn those hooks into full songs. There’s a bunch of reality show-type drama that happens and people argue and talk behind each other’s backs blah blah. But the thing I like is that you get to hear three brand new songs every week instead of just covers.

Head judge, Kara DioGuardi, Jewel and one or two guest judges then pick the winners and send someone home. I have always thought Kara is kind of a royal bitch, but she obviously knows what sells since she has written for basically every pop singer, and Jewel is great lyricist. So all in all I think the judges make sense and the songs have actually been pretty good so far. They get stuck in my head, which is a good sign when trying to write a hit I would imagine.

Listen to the past two winning songs:

“Where I Need to Be”

“Paint This Club with Amazing”


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