Country Music?

- Taylor Swift, New Jersey 2007 -

I have never liked country music, and I definitely would not call myself a country music fan. However, I am recently finding myself enjoying some twangy tunes. It may have all started about four years ago when I was talked into going to a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert (free ticket, why not). The opening act was a new teenage country singer from Pennsylvania who was starting to get some buzz – that’s right, good old Tay Swift before she made it big.

Anyway I picked up some songs I liked from that concert. That must have left a dormant soft spot for country music in me that was awoken in light of a recent trip to Texas. And that’s my theory for why I have not been switching the dial on the country station lately.

Here are some of my old and new favorites in no particular order. Please excuse the cheesy music videos – that’s just how they roll in cow country.


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