Always keep a bathing suit in your car!

I faced a really regretful situation yesterday. It was 95 degrees out and I was invited to go lounge by a friend’s pool after work, but I didn’t have a bathing suit with me. The pool is three miles from work and my house is about 32 miles from the pool, so I was not about to go home and come back in rush hour traffic. This all seems normal enough. He should have given me fair warning so that I could pack a bathing suit, right? Well yeah maybe, but had this been a week ago it would have been unnecessary.

Since last June I have had a bathing suit in my glove compartment everyday. I got a lot of crap for being weird and carrying a bathing suit with me at all times, but I always defended it. You never know! Well I just took it out of the car to wash it because I thought, “you know after a year of rolling around in there I don’t know if I would want to put that on.” Then I never put it back because I thought maybe every one was right and it is a little weird.

Well jokes on me! I could have had a great time at the pool yesterday. Instead I sat in traffic for a sweaty hour and a half with the sun pounding through my windshield while my friends had the time of their lives. First thing I did when I got home: put that damn bathing suit back in my car!

This situation has enlightened me to the fact that I am smart and everyone should learn from me. So I would like to share with you some important things to carry with you in your car and in your purse.


Battleship or any other board game:

This is in here because I spent my summer as a nanny last year so I always had entertaining things in my car in case they got restless. This goes for most of the rest of the things in my car: it’s still there because I’m lazy. However, there will never be a dull moment with me because if we get bored….who wants to sink my battleship?!

Friendship bracelet string:

Another remnant of my nanny days. This is important for two reasons – fun and survival. Sure it’s just another way to have a great time and save money on buying actual jewelry, but notice the scissors in there. I have with me at all times two of the most basic tools needed for survival: string and something to cut it with. Right now I can’t think of a scenario when I would need that, but one of these days I bet you it will happen. Wait! I thought of something; what if I forget to cut the tag off of my shirt? No problemo.

An empty pitcher:

I keep this as a memento of a terrible night I had when I skidded off the road on black ice with five drunk people in my car who had stolen a full pitcher of beer and brought it with them. They left it in my car and now I will always remember that crazy night and I will always have a vehicle for carrying liquid. Let’s say I get stranded with no water. I can search for a stream and gather some in my pitcher. Or better yet, maybe I could sneak it into the bar on $1 pitcher night and get a free pitcher. Of course then I have to sneak it out again.

A super cute bandanna:

No, I am not the token hot chick in a motorcycle gang, although if I ever wanted to be I would already have my head gear. This is for wiping my windshield or a spill or to use as a napkin. It’s cute because why would you ever buy something ugly given the choice to get it in ‘cute’? This could also be useful if I were stranded though. I could use it to flag someone down. And in the case that I were stranded without a shirt, I could fashion some sort of halter top out of it. I probably could have made it into a string bikini yesterday (see friendship bracelet string)…..

Purse items:

Notebook and pen, hair brush, anti-bacterial ointment, Advil in a naked angel pill box, nail file, fancy ring, gum, nasal decongestant. I think these are pretty self-explanatory. Notebook and pen to write down my fleeting thoughts, play MASH, draw pictures, write down directions etc. Hair brush, nail file and gum to stay fly. Anti-bacterial ointment and nasal decongestant to stay healthy and free from bacteria. Advil to fight hang overs and caffeine withdrawals as well as general aches and pains. Fancy ring in case something fab comes up.

No one is perfect, so I am missing a few key items and I will be sure to take care of this ASAP: sewing kit, toothbrush, flip flops, lotion, cash.


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