Ok, maybe I was too quick to praise CT….

This is the weirdest story I have heard in a while. Who would ever do this?!

- Please refrain from assaulting special needs children. it's disgusting. CT Post -

“STAMFORD — A city transvestite was arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly sexually assaulting a male special education student at Stamford Town Center in April, police said.

Isaiah Johnson, 20, of 202 Ursula Place Stamford, was charged with second-degree sexual assault with someone under 16 and is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Youth Bureau Sgt. Dedrich Hohn said that Johnson, who is known to patrol officers in the South End of the city, was picked up at 2 a.m. Wednesday on Atlantic Street near Veteran’s Park, where he met up with the youth before the alleged assault on April 26. Hohn said the patrol division was alerted to Johnson’s arrest warrant on Monday night.

Hohn said that after meeting the youth a little after 7 p.m. at Veteran’s Park on that April night, Johnson allegedly lured him into a men’s room at the Stamford Town Center.

Inside the men’s room is where the assault occurred, Hohn said. Police secured video tape of the two going into the bathroom, Hohn said.” – CT Post

Slightly reminiscent of (but way more wrong than) a certain Christina Ricci movie I may or may not have had a twisted obsession with in my early teens… I highly recommend it.

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