Just a damnyankee fixin’ ta go to Texas

In preparation for my spontaneous weekend trip to Dallas I decided to look up some Texas colloquialisms. If I’m going to bang bag a cowboy I can’t be sounding like a yank.

I found a site from Rice University on Houston that lists a bunch of these terms and phrases: Texas Talk

- That's me in Texas -

Here are some that I think I may find useful this weekend:

Arbuckle: a synonym for coffee, when the Arbuckle brand was virtually the only one available.

Catty Whompus: used to describe something that doesn’t fit properly or is out of line.

Crusty: tough and/or bad tempered man, woman or horse.

Frog-strangler: an extraordinary amount of rain.

I’ll swan: used instead of “I swear.”

The friendly creature: 19th century term for whiskey.

Truck: food

Chester drawers: that piece of furniture you put your socks in.


Hidden in the basement like a crazy aunt.

Like the dogs was after him.

Cold as a well digger’s lunch pail.

I’ll let you know if people actually talk like that! See ya!


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