Hey ladies, let’s watch Bridesmaids

- "But you're like really the female Hangover, Bridesmaids" - But you're like really pretty -

My Saturday night started out with a lot of potential. Two of my ladies and I decided on a whim that we should go see Third Eye Blind for 15 dollars in town. Cheap concert + middle school memories + booze = solid plan. That is until we got there too late and they wouldn’t let us in.

Okay, so we’ll just do what we always do on Saturday – go drink. Also a solid plan until one of the ladies – let’s call her Brittany (mostly because her name is Brittany) – announces she has no ID because she didn’t realize she would be going anywhere besides work. Did you realize you would be driving to work, Brit? Not that it even matters because her license is suspended anyway – I love my hot mess lady. Anyway, so we tried a couple dive bars thinking maybe she looked old and sophisticated enough to not get carded, but that was not the case.

After a trip through the Wendy’s drive-through and a stop at the gas station to listen to a domestic dispute going on in the parking lot, it dawned on us how to save our night. “Hey ladies, let’s watch Bridesmaids!”

So we got to the theater an hour and a half early for the 11:30 showing, and hung out with the 13-year-olds loitering by the video games for a while until we decided to get our tickets. And, of course, we got carded for the R-rated movie! Now, a bouncer is one thing, but a high-schooler working at the movies? There’s no way we were going to let her ruin our plans, so we told the bitch off and bought our tickets (and by told the bitch off I mean convinced her with minimal effort that our 22-year-old friend was in fact not a junior in high school. She could tell because she probably was a junior in high school).

Finally, it’s time to watch Bridesmaids.

The movie has been called the female Hangover and that is not completely inaccurate. It’s not as funny as the Hangover, but I still almost peed a couple times – this probably has something to do with the fact the Kristin Wiig, the best thing to happen to SNL in a while, is one the writers.

- Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids -

It’s definitely a ladies night movie, but it’s not a chick flick. It’s vulgar and disgusting and hilarious (I could have done without the diarrhea in the sink scene that almost made me puke, though). It breaks the chick flick mold in a couple ways besides just the brash humor. The main characters (Kristen Wiig, Maya RudolphWendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy) are average looking women with average lives. Nothing about the women is glamorized – even the sex scenes are super awkward and not hot at all. Helen (Rose Byrne), the beauty of the bunch and a real snobby B, is the exception.

However, The best part of the whole movie and the thing that had me crying was seeing sweet Sookie from Gilmore Girls (Melissa McCarthy) play a disgusting, crude, sex fiend who actually turns out to be a great friend in the end. Just thinking about her has me stifling laughter here in my cubicle. So, if for no other reason, go see bridesmaids just to see Sookie steal 9 puppies from a bridal shower and try to plan a fight club bachelorette party.


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