The hills are alive with the sound of Housewives

I knew you could still be a respectable journalist while being obsessed with the Real Housewives!

- Don't try to click play because it's not a video due to CNN being lame and not letting me embed, but click to watch on the site-

Thank you, Anderson Cooper for showing me that it’s okay to prefer talking about the queens of Bravo TV than actual world events.

In his latest “Ridiculist” video, Anderson goes through all the housewives’ musical manifestations of genius, including a new single from Michaele Salahi, the dumbest of the excruciatingly boring DC Housewives. She’s the one who snuck into the White House. Although, maybe that makes her the smartest because who else can say they pulled that off? – which brings up a phenomenon worth talking about: the stupid/genius paradox.

- Andy and his OC ladies -

First of all, talking about the Real Housewives brings on the same frustrations for me as talking about that ManCan kid, the main frustration being: Why can’t I get rich off a stupid idea? I mean, Bravo could make “Real Housewives of the corner of Main Street and Walmart, Rushville, Illinois” and get viewers. And what’s the premise? Just follow around some dumb rich MILFS, laugh at their divorces and destroy their lives by giving them a taste of fame. Jackpot.

I have stupid ideas like that all the time, but I realize that they’re stupid so I don’t tell anyone, which in itself is probably more stupid than the idea itself.

So, either Andy Cohen and the rest of the Bravo crew that came up with the Real Housewives are so dumb that they don’t realize their show is stupid, or they are so smart that they know the rest of the country will either not know that their show is stupid or not care (like me). I think it’s the second option.

Now, their little baby “Real Housewives of Orange County” (that I’m pretty sure had one viewer when it premiered back in 2006: me) has turned into a gold mine. They even get shout-outs on CNN.

You go Andy, and you go too Anderson Coop-a-loop. There is no shame in spending your time rambling about the Real Housewives, and you taught me that.


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