We have more important things to do than work

For those of you who have full time jobs, you know that you spend way more time in the office and (in my case) the car than you do at home. This can cause problems because you may not have time to run errands and you also may feel stressed out because you spend most of your day in a stuffy office.

So, here are some ways that I have taken advantage of my free time at work to do some chores and make myself at home at my office.

  • Eat breakfast in the car: If you’re like me and you have a long commute to work, don’t waste that time by paying attention to the road; multi-tasking is the key. A really important thing for me to do in the car is eat breakfast. By eating a raw Pop-Tart in the car every morning I can sleep away the 5 to 10 minutes that it would take to toast the Pop-Tart and sit down and eat it. But you have to make sure and always have portable foods to do this. Cereal, for example, would not be a good thing to eat on the go (See “grocery shop”).
  • Take random breaks: Besides coffee and/or lunch breaks, I like to take walking breaks when it’s nice out. Sometimes I use that time to call a friend or take photos of the plant life in the parking lot. If you do this, you also might get whistled at by the police men supervising nearby road construction… Also, if you can afford a longer break, take a walk in the park like I did last week (yes, my job is literally a walk in the park).

- parking lot plant life -

- walk in the park -

  • Decorate your office: Consider the parking lot’s plant life to be freebies from the company. You don’t have to buy decorations, just rip some branches off a tree and stick them in a cup. See how pretty:

- parking lot plant life in a cup -

  • The bathroom is your friend: I am fortunate enough to work in a building where the bathroom has a secret code. Not only does this make me feel cool because I have VIP access to the bathroom, but I can hear people punching in the code before they come in. This allows me to do weird things in there because I get a warning if someone is coming in. Example: today I washed my feet in the sink – heels make my feet sweaty. (You can also do more normal things like your hair and makeup, but that’s not as fun). One thing I have often wished i could do at work is paint my nails, but I think that would be a bit much…

- sweaty shoes -

  • Exercise: Depending on how much privacy you have at your cubicle or office, this might also have to go under “the bathroom is your friend.” I like to do leg lifts in the office when I get some alone time. This leaves me more free time when I get home because I already got my exercise in.

- this guy has fun exercising at work

  • Grocery Shop: Time after work is precious because you only get a few hours in the evening to relax and/or go out. Errands like grocery shopping can really take up those golden hours, so you should just do it during work. If you have to travel at all for work, always stop at the grocery store. This can get a little tricky if there is a lack of refrigeration wherever you are going, so stick with canned and dry goods if that’s the case.
  • Excessive Gchat: A cubicle can be a lonely place. You may have no one to talk to (like me on days where I am literally the only one in the office) or you may just hate everyone around you. So, go on Gchat all day long and talk to your friends and you will feel like a social butterfly everyday. The drawback – on the outside you look like a freak because you are silently typing all day long and laughing to yourself.
  • Live out of your car: This goes back the the long commute thing. When you spend about 3 hours in your car everyday, you establish an emotional connection with it – it becomes a second home. Example: some Fridays I go straight from work to whatever trip I have planned for that weekend. I keep my clothes in the car so I can change in the parking lot at work, and I keep some mini Ritz crackers in there too so I’m not tempted to stop at the McDonald’s rest stop causing me to waste time (see “grocery shopping”) and consume empty calories (see “exercise”).

- Me and Green Guy -

  • Start a blog: Writing a blog takes up a lot of time and gives you a place to ramble about things that no one except Ally will read.

The main lesson here is that work is not just for work. Work is also a place to not work.


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