I Lost a Bet With the Universe

- Lady Gaga: Judas -

I bet the universe 5 bucks that Lady Gaga would literally crucify herself in her “Judas” music video. Well, the video came out yesterday and I lost! I’m really surprised, but in a good way – I’m proud of Gaga for not going that route.

In fact, the “Judas” video is way less controversial than I thought it would be. Her “Alejandro” video where she wears a see-through nun’s outfit and eats rosary beads is actually way more offensive than what she does in this video. She could have taken sac-religion to a whole new level, but she didn’t. Judging by the extent of her weirdness lately (i.e. the egg and every video since “Bad Romance) I expected the “Judas” video to be at least 12 minutes long and incite an outcry from the Catholic Church or give the Pope a heart attack.

I’m reluctant to say it because Lady Gaga has been on my hate list lately, but I kind of liked the video even despite the fact that there is nothing original about it or the song – they are both total Madonna rip-offs (as is the song “Born This Way“). The song sounds like it could have come off of the “Like a Prayer” album and Madonna already explored the sexy side of religion with her “Like a Prayer” music video where she gets cozy with Black Jesus.

Still, the “Judas” video is a step back toward Lady Gaga’s earlier videos. It sits on the edge of controversy and cheesy pop video -fun but out-there enough to bear Gaga’s name.

From what I gather, here’s the plot (my Catholic school education helped me out with this): Jesus and his disciples are a motorcycle gang and Gaga plays a Mary Magdalene character with whorish outfits and feet washing. She is always standing by Jesus’ side, but she’s torn because she’s still in love with Judas (baby). And then she gets stoned (to death, not off weed). The end.

There’s a lot of choreographed dances a la Britney Spears era and a lot of playing dress-up. But her outfits are actually pretty subdued and I really like the eye makeup.

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe if her next song is actually good, I will go back to liking Lady Gaga.

P.S. underrated Gaga song and video:


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