Fleetwood Mac on Primetime?

I usually watch Glee on Tuesdays, but I wasn’t home this week, so I missed it. No big.

Yesterday, though, I saw online that Fleetwood Mac was a trending topic on Google. I was very surprised because most people do not share my intense love for all things Fleetwood and especially Stevie Nicks – she is such a sassafrass.com and I love it. So I clicked to see what was going on.

Of course the reason was so obvious – Glee did a Fleetwood Mac episode, and everything Glee touches turns to gold. Stevie and the gang better get ready for a big increase in their song downloads.

Anyway, I got kind of excited but also kind of annoyed because I hate it when good music only becomes popular again when Glee resurrects it. I know it makes complete sense for that to happen, but I just wasn’t sure how I felt about one of my favorite bands getting the Glee treatment.

So I watched the episode on Hulu last night; it was eh. They already did a decent cover of “Landslide” a few episodes back, but this time they based the whole episode on the album “Rumours” – definitely a good one.

Here’s the original track list for the album. In 2001 they re-released the album and added my favorite of their songs, “Silver Springs.”

Glee covered “Dreams,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Don’t Stop,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “I Don’t Want to Know.” First of all, they missed “The Chain.” They played it at one point in the episode, but it could have been a good cover.

But then again maybe it’s better that they didn’t do it because they butchered every song they did besides “Never Going back Again” and “Go Your Own Way.”

Artie (Kevin McHale), the wheelchair kid, did “Never Going Back Again” against a guitar arrangement, and I think he has the best male voice on the show, so I really liked that one:


Lea Michele (Rachel) also sang a really good version of “Go Your own Way.” Her Broadway voice doesn’t really fit the Fleetwood vibe, but she really pulled it off:

The rest of the songs – not good. Kristin Chenoweth came back to the show just so she could murder “Dreams.”

The whole reason the show covered “Rumours” was because the story behind the album fits in with the show’s plot. Rumours was written while the band members were going through fights, breakups, and divorce – so naturally the turmoil gave way to some of their best music. Valid inspiration for a Glee episode, but sorry guys, you didn’t really pull it off.

Moral of the story: nobody can do it like Stevie can do it.


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