Trashy White Girl Mix

It’s Friday, which means bar night. Now I have boozed it up in many a location and while drink prices, level of creepiness of the crowd and overall atmosphere change from bar-to-bar and city-to-city, one thing remains relatively consistant – the trashy white girl mix.

This is a name I have given to the block of songs that is pretty much a staple in any dj’s playlist. Let me set the scene – you’re dancing to the standard top 40/hip hop dance mix and when you least expect it, they hit you with some classic rock. But it’s not good classic rock; it’s very bad, very cheesy, very hair-whip inducing classic rock.

I give you the Trashy White Girl Mix (allow for some variation): Pour Some Sugar On Me, Livin’ On a Prayer, You Shook Me All Night Long, Don’t Stop Believing

Is it unwritten dj law that they are obligated to play this mix at some point in the night? I don’t know, but it has gone on long enough. As if Bon Jovi didn’t make me gag enough before, now I can’t hear one of their songs without the taste of vodka-soda-cranberry creeping into my throat. It’s time for a change. Let’s boycott the trashy white girl mix and switch it out for something new and exciting.

Since I started driving an hour-plus each way to work, I have discovered new radio stations – my new greatest love being Latino radio stations. There are 2 reasons for this: one, Spanglish is hilarious and two, the music is awesome.

- Omega -

So, I propose the Trashy Latina Mix: Danza Kuduro, Dandole, La Despedida, No Te Veo, Que Tengo Que Hacer

Let’s make this happen.


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