And They Lived Happily Ever After, Thanks to Twitter

Social media has become an overwhelming force. Companies use it as a marketing tool, celebrities use it for PR, everyday people use it to share photos of what they ate for breakfast…

But one Connecticut family learned that it can actually help you in other, more important ways in life – like finding your lost puppy.

Here’s a cute story about a Darien, CT dog who was returned to its owners thanks to the help of Twitter and local newspapers.

Stamford Advocate

Darien News:

Two days after finding a stray dog wandering along Post Road, Kristin Calve decided to take to Twitter in hopes of finding the dog’s owner.

Calve, a real estate agent from Darien, had contacted animal control officials about a small, Yorkshire terrier named Bori that had no tags and no microchip. But Bori’s owner hadn’t come forward as of Sunday night, and Calve began to worry.

“I started to think `do I own this dog now,’ ” she said. That’s when Calve posted a photo of the dog on her Twitter page, along with a plea for help.

The tweet, it turned out, paid off. Calve said a neighbor of Bori’s owner, who lives in Stamford, saw the story, which had been posted online by the Darien News and The Advocate, and called Calve’s cell phone to claim the dog. At 9:55 a.m., Calve tweeted the good news. “Thanks to @StamAdvocate!” she tweeted. “Your story helped us find the dog’s owners! I just dropped him off.”


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